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     The social media security professional credential equip professionals with skills and understanding about technicalities of social media sites to minimize the possible risks of making an organization’s confidential data safe and secure. The professionals aim to save the sensitive information from hackers who are expert in hacking social media accounts.

    What SMSP certification tests?

    The social media security professional certification or SMSP certification tests a professional’s abilities to handle social media accounts and skills for reducing security risks associated with these channels and networks. The reports of selftesttraining.com confirmed that SMSP certified experts have the ability to predict the attacks and safeguard the critical information from hackers. In case of a security breach, these experts have the skills to immediately attend to the attacks and make sure the organization’s information is made safe enough. SMPSs are the defenders every organization prefers to hire so as to avoid social media security loopholes.

    Target audience for SMSP certification

    The ideal candidates for the social media security professional certification include professionals who deal in social media security solutions and have expertise in the area of cyber security. Other ideal candidates include security administrator, security engineer, security technicians, and security architects. Other professionals who are associated with information or cyber security in some way are also capable of earning SMSP certification. CISO or chief information security officers, CIO or chief information officer, and experts who are able to deal with information assurance are also eligible for the social media security professional certification.

    The knowledge needed to earn SMSP credential

    In order to successfully earn the SMSP certification, candidates must have a firm understanding of the areas listed below:

    • Social media principles & theory

    • Technical composition of social media platforms

    • Risks associated with social media networks

    • Security and risk management of social media channels

    • Management of social media platforms

    Candidates who have adequate knowledge about the above mentioned domains are expected to perform well on the exam.

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    Want to save big on your online shopping this festive season through cashback and coupons?, Then check out cashkaro one of India's leading cashback and coupons site.

    How Cashkaro Works


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    The photography of nature is a great concept to approach to develop and hone your skills as a photographer. It has several different avenues of perception, and applying the right equipment toward it can lead to some very astonishing shots. For photography equipment, check out www.yescomusa.com and begin your photographic journey in the right direction. Nature is something that compliments mood and an interest toward the way the world works. Captured in the right point of view it can be something:

    • Beautiful
    • Bizarre
    • Strange
    • Intriguing

    Autumn Waterfall Sunset

    There are several angels that can be generated from the work of nature. These are some great approaches toward achieving it: Approaching Nature Photography The first thing you should do is have the right photography equipment. Look at companies such as http://www.yescomusa.com to get great deals on quality camera products. That way, you're ready for whatever nature throws at you. Here are some other things to consider when doing nature photography:

    1. Tripod- Tripods allow maximum control over shooting an image, which will avoid any kind of motion blurs. This is a great approach for taking a shot and maximizing the clarity in it.

    2. Settings- A camera has various settings for a reason—apply them. Don’t keep the camera in ‘auto’, it deprives you of everything it has the potential to be.

    3. Consider lighting- If you need lighting in your shots, consider how you’re going to achieve it. Make use of natural lighting, and artificial lighting as you need to.

    4. Close-ups- Several of us have seen various nature elements from a distance, the closer you can get, the more interest you will generate. Take the right approach and make people want to see more.

    5. Save files large- The larger a save file you compile, the more room for further adjustment and revision you have. This could mean a lot of things, but more importantly, it means you can refine an image to being something far better than the original shot. Nature photography, as all photography, is best handled with a specific goal in mind. Apply these approached to that goal, and see the sky as the limit.

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    The playing Games on your lap top is always a wonderful and a mind boggling experiences and now  you have techies who have  designed  gaming lap top with amazing features.  Lap top is a highly portable gadget, which you can carry with during traveling and even enjoy playing outdoors with your friends. If you happen to be among passionate gamers, gaming lap top is a new technology, which you can buy at the affordable rates. Let’s talk about top five gaming lap top:

    1. Toshiba QOSMIO X 505-Q898 is a beautiful lap top, with outstanding feature and performance and comes with Blue Ray Drive. It has a very elegant and pleasing screen along sleek design to fit in wherever you wish to.

      The massive 18.4” screen comes with native resolution of 1920X1080 and display high resolution visual effect for playing exciting games. The 1.5 GB Nvidia Ge Force GTX460 M brings great clarity to video along with high capacity li-on battery which works for nearly 3. 77 hours. When it comes to price, the lap top is available at a tag of $ 1,999.

    2. Alliance M 17 X: This is an amazingly fast and highly configured lap top from Dell Alliance a noted lap top manufacturer. This lap top is designed for playing hard core games and intense application. Beside this, you can find this gadget with latest i 7 and core i 5 processors featuring Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

      The storage capacity of its hard disc is 750 GB with wi-fi connectivity. The system comes with two USB 3 ports and HDMI PORT and is powered by powerful battery for longer life.  The price of this lap top is about 5,784 $ which is comparatively costlier for the several features and amenities provided in the system which assures you of it prolonged working life.

    3. Rock Extreme 780X 9100 The gaming lap top sports the new Intel r Core 2 Extreme processors and comes to you with latest gaming technologies. The Rock (Rock Direct) is a leading lap top manufacturer of UK and has recently acquired Stone Group, which is also a leading manufacturer of hardware and lap top.  The company has a reputation of bringing latest of innovative and state of art lap top technology to its customers. The company is very well placed in Europe Price: The set comes in price range of about 2,300 sterling pound or about 4210 $.
    4. Galaxy P-7811 FX is an inexpensive alternative to many gaming lap top. If you are looking for a good gaming machine, then this gadget would be a wonderful option. The CPU provided in the laptop is around 2.2 GHz with Intel core Duo P 8400 and bears a memory of 4 GB, 667 MHz DDR 3. To add, hard Drive is much stronger of 200 GB 7200 rpm.

      The Graphics Nvidia Ge Force 9800 GTS does all good to the visual clarity along with the Microsoft WINDOW Premium (64 bit) operating system. When it comes to display, it is broad enough measuring, 17.1 inches HD 1920 x120 and weights about 9 lbs. The lap top is available for about 1449$.

    5. Sager NP 9262: this gaming note book has been built on Clevo D 900C/D901C is world’s first quad core gaming laptop. This exclusive laptop is featured with high end gaming specs. Moreover, the CPU integrated in this machine is Intel core 2 quad processor Q 9650/ 12 MB L2 Cache 3.0 ghz, 1333 mhz FSB.

      The most exciting part of this gaming machine is that it contains a giant memory 8GB with 64 bit edition of windows vista. While examining the hard drive of this machine you will 320 GB hard drive with 7200 rpm SATA 300.  For giving a crystal clear view, Sager NP 9262bears graphics of dual Nvidia Ge Force, 9800 m GTX Graphics with 1 GB DDR3 video memory in SLI mode. The price of this machine is 5, 879 USD.

    Author Bio:Pulkit Juneja is a social media manager and a Timelines expert. Get to know how to create a timeline from officetimeline.

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    Many Blogspot users don't like the word "Premium" since they want their templates also to be free as their platform.So, for all those bloggers who want free yet premium looking blogger templates here are some nosh for students to give your blog a professional design.

    1. MyMagazine Blogger Template  This magazine style template for blogger features a responsive design and is suitable for blogs about technology and gadgets.

    2. Ajaxify Blogger Template  This Blogger template feature a 3 column layout with dark background and well designed header and post dates.

    3. Responsive Blogger Template This free responsive blogspot template features a clean two column layout and is best suited for Blogs about Internet.

    4. Top Games Blogger Templat  This premium looking template can be used on blog about video games and game reviews.

    5. Table Blogger Template This Blogger Template fits well with blogs about SEO and Social Media Blogs.

    6. BigNews Blogger Template The template features cool navigation bar and is best suited for News blogs.

    7. MetroMinimalist Blogger Template This template comes with a minimalist design and is suited for blogs about Facebook.

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    The Joomla is one the popular Platform with amazing features,Joomla has got the best collection of well designed templates to choose from and if you are looking for a decent theme to start an online joomla powered magazine then here are some best templates to get started.

    1. GP Magazine 

    Overview: This Template is the best choice if you are looking for a minimalistic and easy to use template for your Magazine Blog.

    2. LaSiber Magazine Template

    Overview:  This template looks like The New York Times and it is the right option if you are running a news site.

    3.  Shaper Magazine Joomla Theme

    Overview: This template is a Mashable like camscanner creator 1.3 apk for joomla and is best suited for blogs about Technology,social media and gadgets etc

    4. The World News Joomla Template

    Overview: Yet another new theme for joomla with magazine layout and attractive navigation bar

    5. Game Magazine Joomla Theme

    Overview: This 3 column theme with magazine layout is best suited for game review sites.

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    This list of awesome movie templates for Blogger will help you create a movie blog to write a review about some cool movie you watched recently or just to create a fan blog about your favorite actor or actress.

    Johny Jijay Blogger Template

    Box Office Blogger Template

    Johny Tampan Blogger Template

    MusicMag Blogger Template

    Replay Blogger Template

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    twitter like blogger template

    Give your blog a twitter like look with this free blogger template,This theme is best suited if your blog is about twitter or it is related to social media.

    Features: 2 column,Twitter look,Right Sidebar,Floating Header,SEO-Friendly,Numbered Page Navigation

    Download: Twitter Blogger Template

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    Here are some best blogspot search engine optimization(SEO) techniques and tutorials for optimizing your blogger blog to rank higher in search results and get more visitors to read your content.

    Best Blogspot SEO Tutorials

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    Gallery ingles basico en gratis are the best way to showcase your Beautiful Photos and since Blogger being the one of best free platform for photo blogs there are many templates available that let you quickly create a photo gallery.

    Here are some blogger templates to create a great looking photo blog in 2013.

    Galleria Blogger Template

    Blue Minimal Blogger Template

    Dark Gallery Blogger Template

    Sikuai Blogger Template

    Timeline Blogger Template

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    Blogger Widgets are a cool way to add more user interaction and customize your Blogger blog,But unlike Wordpress there aren't many widgets and plugins available for the Blogger platform.

    Now many third-party services and Developers have started creating many useful Widgets for use on Blogger and since the widgets are scattered all over the internet many Bloggers are finding it difficult to search for the appropriate Widget to use on their blog.

    To make it easy for you,we have collected a list of some best Blogger widgets and Plugins to help you customize your Blogspot blog to get more visitors.

    Best Blogger Widgets and Plugins

    Wordpress Style Vertical Subscription Widget for Blogger


    Cool Social Subscription Widget for Blogger


    Mashable like Subscription Widget for Blogger


    Pinterest Widget for Blogger

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    ver blackberry 9300 gratis are the best way to showcase your amazing videos or to share some awesome videos from popular sites like Youtube,Vimeo and Metacafe.

    Here is a list of some best blogger templates will let you easily create a cool video Blog and share your favorite videos.


    Best Video Blogger Templates


    VideoBox Blogger Template 


    Jazzytube Blogger Template

    Video Blogger Template

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    Trendy Tube Blogger Template

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    An Email Subscription Widget is a must for every blog and a beautiful subscription box placed in the correct place can help you get more people subscribing to your blog and this list of best Email subscription widgets can serve that purpose.

    1. Pop Up Email Subscription Widget for Blogger

       2.  Slide out Email Subscription Widget for Blogger

     3.  Modern Email Subscription Widget for Blogger

    4.  Wordpress Style Email Subscription Widget for Blogger

    5.  Cool Email Subscription Widget for Blogger

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    Windows 8, It's a large overhaul from Microsoft, representing the largest modification to the platform in its entire history, and comes with a raft of spectacular new options that would well attractiveness to businesses. However, there is no guarantee Microsoft can succeed, despite its dominance within the enterprise market, because it faces a troublesome market and also the extent of the overhaul might cause issues for several long-time users.

    With this in mind, we've come back up with the highest 5 reasons why Windows 8 may kicked into the long grass by organizations.

    No doubt readers can have their own opinions on the matter, within which case be happy to feature a comment at all-time low of the page.

    No Start button.

    Protip for laptop users: in Desktop mode, slide the pointer down into the lower-left corner. an image of the fashionable begin screen can appear. Ignore it, and right-click instead to state a giant list of desktop choices, as well as Run and instrument panel choices that assist you avoid the fashionable start screen the maximum amount as doable. It’s no start button replacement, however it’ll get you by.

    Windows eight sucks with a mouse

    This is often a giant one. Navigating around Windows eight with a mouse flat-out sucks, and it’s combined by the operative system’s less-than-streamlined style. The far-ranging Live Tiles on the beginning screen need way more scrolling than Windows 7′s neat and compact begin button. Right-click choices suck too, showing at the lowest of Windows 8 apps instead of wherever you’ve clicked. Closing an app needs clicking at its high, then dragging it all the way down to the lowest of the screen; simple on a tablet, An annoyance with a mouse.

    Lousy multitasking

    Automaton and iPad homeowners can love Windows 8′s Snap feature, that docks a Windows eight app to at least one facet of the screen and permits you to run a second app within the remaining seventy five p.c of the show. PC users engrained in having a half-dozen windows open right away can hate it. luckily, you'll still resized open windows to your heart’s content in desktop mode.

    Wherever are the apps

    Microsoft bet the farm on its move to a mobile-friendly interface, and every one of it — snapping apps, Live Tiles, the fashionable interface — critically depends on having a sturdy Windows eight app scheme. That scheme simply is not there nevertheless. The Windows Store solely has around 5,000 apps offered. many standouts aside, the overwhelming majority of these apps are trivial time wasters or net apps shoehorned into a Windows app shell.

    The lack of apps

    The lack of apps forces you to chiefly keep in desktop mode, that feels plenty like Windows seven, missing Start button aside. however that begs the billion greenback question for Microsoft: If desktop users pay most of their time making an attempt to urge Windows eight to behave like Windows seven, why shouldn’t they solely stick to Windows 7?

    Looking at windows history and interface this terms can be look like advance feature and can fascinate in early use but moving further with windows 8 can be a panic experience.

    Author Bio:

    PrIyAnGsHu is a web entrepreneur from India who recommends you to read about gadgets on his technology blog and also covers android tutorials on knowtechbetter.com